Stand by Me :)

I am going to leave one thing, and start other thing soon. Why did I leave that thing? Because I know it is the best for me. How do I know the next thing will be good for me? I’ll never know if I never try, correct? 😉

After a great weekend by spending more time with my family, at home and as well shopping and having lunch together with them, I then spent my Sunday night by learning a bit of Korean ahahaha nooo I am not good yet… however I am looking forward to meeting another South Koreans, since they are everywhere 🙂 and if possible Kim Bum look-a-like ahahaha (amen to that)

I am thanking you by visiting and reading my blog now and then. So, please stand by me 🙂 And here I reward you with one of Boys Before Flowers’ soundtracks, Stand By Me by Shinee.


Together make it love

Forever making you smile 🙂



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