Postcard from Egypt

It’s been a while since last postcard. Today I will present you one postcard from Egypt. No, I haven’t been there yet 😉

This is from one of my school friends Wuri. I got to know her since primary school, hmm I think even kindergarten, and separated when we chose different university to go to.

She told me that she was going to Egypt for holiday, but I completely forgot until the postcard arrived. She wrote that it was her long life dream, since high school, to visit Egypt. Although it wasn’t like what she had imagined. But she learnt a lot during the trip. We should talk about it, Wur 🙂

I actually received another postcard, that is from Nuernberg, Germany, a while ago from my friend Diana. Unfortunately I forgot where I put it. Therefore now I officially apologize for being so neglectful 😦

Last but not least, have a nice weekend!


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