IYCE Awards 2010 Winners

Finally, we got the winners! Yes, they are the winners of International Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards 2010 held by British Council Indonesia.

Muhamad Lukman (born in Jakarta, 1978) is Head of Design and also founder of Pixel People Project (www.batikfractal.com), a company dedicated for research and design in Bandung. Pixel People Project’s recent project is Batik Fractal, a research between mathematics, traditional batik art, and technology. The result is jBatik, software that creates batik patterns generatively from mathematic formula.

Perdana Kartawiyudha (born in Mojokerto, 1985), the founder and director of Serunya Scriptwriting (www.skenario.org), the first training and development centre specialised in scriptwriting in Indonesia. They also have charity talk show, inviting popular figures (producer, writer, director) from film and television, held monthly, open to public, and almost free. Since the establishment in 2007, they have helped their alumni become scriptwriter professionals for films, TV series, sitcoms, and documentary.


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