Enjoy Jakarta!

As Ramadan has ended, and people celebrated the end of it with feast and going home to their hometowns, it means…Jakarta would be much less crowded! Yahoo! To celebrate it, I intended to do a bit going around of the city today, to enjoy the less traffic. Well, not that successful, unfortunately 😦

I started the journey by taking a small minibus transport we called ‘angkot’. First, and the second, well…since not so many passengers they could expect, so the angkot stood still for a long while to wait for more passengers, which caused at the end, the same amount of time as when the traffic was bad 😦

Next, I took busway, kind of transport that owns their own lane, which is more comfortable and faster. Unfortunately this is not really solution for Jakarta traffic, since its lane was made by taking one lane from the available road. I prefer monorail, to be honest.

I didn’t get any seat, which means, I had to stand all the way till my end station. My right hand started to be stiff, since it was hanging on the handle, and when both hands were hanging, both felt stiff too, aaah… and I started to feel thirsty, oh no…I realised that I didn’t bring any bottle of water with me. Jakarta was indeed very warm today. And, yes, I got very tired. Yeah, aging process 😛

So, I decided that I would stop at one station, and head to…yeah, right, to shopping mall. I am sorry to say. I am kind of addicted, perhaps. Well, I was just looking for a nice place to kill some hours, on my own.

I got invited by a friend of mine, Julia, who was about to depart to Australia to spend a year on working holiday visa. That was great. I kind of followed, well probably only read some of her posts, on her blog, about her effort to get that visa. Which I really appreciated, since I admire this kind of person, who know what they want, and know how to get it. And that she finally made it, big applause, Julia! ^_^ She made a small farewell party, at dinner time. It means, yes, really some hours, let me count again, I arrived at Grand Indonesia around 3, and Julia’s dinner at 7, oh yes, then 4 hours! Pfiuuuh…

I didn’t think that Grand Indonesia would be that crowded, wrong guess! That wasn’t really right time to go to that mall. Everybody was there. Thank God I didn’t meet anybody I know 😛 Let’s see if tomorrow somebody told me that they saw me there 😛

I thought I would go to cinema. Not checked. I was thinking, I could do it on weekdays, the price would be cheaper 😛 I killed my time by having late lunch first at Food Hall, then going around bookshop, very well spent, even I didn’t buy any book. I got still some books to read in my bed. Let me finish them first 🙂

Then, time to go to Warung Desa. By taxi from Grand Indonesia on today’s traffic, only 5 minutes! So, I arrived there at 6.30, half hour earlier. I was the first guest, of course!haha…I ordered mango juice, only Rp. 10.000 (around US$1 something), good! The restaurant was nice, I never knew this place. Thanks to Julia, then! 🙂

Julia came with Didrik, then there were Luky, Kartini, Utine, Jack and Erit. Nice place, good farewell party, interesting conversation, I enjoyed it basically. I had good time before going back to work the next day. Well, I have good time at work too 😛

There was one topic or statement or whatever that came up tonight. I would like to know what you all people think. Which one would you prefer, a job that pays you good money (but might be your pain in the ass, sorry for my language, but might be not) or a job that pays you okay, but you get a chance to broaden your networking? As my opinion, call me naive, I would prefer a job that makes me happy, that I enjoy doing it, and money will adjust, well, if it’s really bad I have something to consider, if it’s okay, I will say yes 🙂

What about you?

So, I spent exactly Rp. 100.00 (less than US$ 12) for today, for transport and food, well done! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Enjoy Jakarta!

  1. I actually agree with u about doing things that make us happy. But, if anyhow we have particular mission which needs money, i think we would wisely choose by priority: in this case pain-in-the-ass-job… At least i think so 😛

    • Good answer, Julia. Especially that we should wisely choose by priority. Ideally we would like to have a job that we like and pays well. If you believe you can, then you can get it 🙂 Amen to that. Enjoy your new adventure!

  2. Agree with Julia! If this pain-in-this-ass job can get you closer to your dream..I said “why not?” 🙂
    I think the decision of choosing a job is depends on your long term future dream/plan.

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