girls ask guys

I don’t remember what I was searching, but I found this interesting website. Well, it sounds perhaps a bit too teenagers about what they are discussing there? Well, anywhoo I found some interesting stuff there on

Especially this:
Anonymous asks: “Guys, what do you really think of virgins and girls who haven’t been in a relationship or boyfriend or anything and are 19 years old?”

It’s not the question which I was excited about, but one of the answers, from a guy named Laurence in Australia:

“Well, I think of ancient blood rituals. 😛

I think that there are advantages and disadvantages with relationships with virgins. To draw an analogy, virgins are like a new computer system, sure it is new, but if you buy the recently used system it has all that free software included. Virgins lack experience and that shows in the sexual relationship, however, they have that new feeling and the ability to customise their practices to your desires and these equal out their disadvantages.

In conclusion, both are good, but for different reasons. “

I like creative people. In this case, the creative way of answering. Well done, you! 🙂


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