Everybody Knows Everybody Part 2

I went to breakfasting gathering of my senior high school a few days ago. Class of 96, yeah… I got the message on facebook in the morning, and the gathering itself took place in the evening, the same day. This time I like spontaneous idea!

This is only a few of us – courtesy of Era NovaTambunan

It was good. I didn’t count, but I guess more than 30 people came. Well done.

I took several conversations I made with a few of my peers:

Friend 1 : Where do you work? (standard first question for us who haven’t been in touch for a long time)

Me : (mentioned my working place)

Friend 1 : Do you know (mentioned a name)?

Me : Yes, she is new.

Friend 1 : She is my diving friend. We go to the same club.

Me: Right

I was confused what to eat, but finally managed Kimchi and Kimbab, and of course plus rice 😛 unfortunately not plus Kimbum haha…

Friend 2 : Do you know (mentioned a name)? (After finding out that I work in a place where I work now)

Me : Yes

Friend 2 : She is my travel mate.

Me : Right, right.

Urban Kitchen at Senayan City was the place. I liked it there. It was my first time. I have been to the one at Pacific Place. I think this one is bigger?

Friend 3 : (I won’t mention the first two questions – yes, I work in that working place) Do you know (mentioned another name)?

Me: Yes, I know him, well, not personally, but he is one of managers, yes.

Friend 3 : He went to the same university as I did.

Me : Alrighty.

Well, the shopping mall closed at 10 pm. We got to go home, then. I asked for a lift from a friend who happened to go to the same direction, ah well, at least half way. In the car with other friends:

Starting with the university, Friend 4 who was sitting next to me, went to, which I remember, is the same as one of my junior high school friend did.

Me : Do you know (mentioned name of that junior high school friend of mine)?

Friend 4 : Yes, indeed we are relatives.

Me : Oh, really?

Friend 4 : Where do you work now?

Me: (Mentioned my working place)

Friend 4 : So, you must know (mentioned a name)

Me : Yes, sure.

Friend 4 : We are in the same Arisan group – Arisan is collective gathering, usually people meet up regularly, can be every week, once a month, once in 2 months, it’ s up to your choice.

Me : No! Really? You guys go to arisan? – it’s a he, by the way 🙂

I can’t imagine, perhaps if I talked to everybody that night and answered everybody’s question where I work, I would end up figuring out my peers know at least half of my colleagues? hahaha


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