Hurra for 17 August!

Inspired by Hurra for syttende Mai, Norwegian national day:p

Today’s breakfasting menu, none of them made by me:p – Soto Betawi and Bihun Goreng – no need to translate it in English. For you who don’t understand, please google:p

courtesy of my little sister and her BB:p

I am not a food blogger, so I won’t tell you how to make them.

Uhm, yes, today is Indonesian’s Independence day. Love it! Even without any photos of Indonesian flag *sad* I ordered a friend to hunt picture of Indonesian flags to celebrate our Independence day on my blog, and as a reward I would write her name fully here, but until now, well…I take it as a no picture.  So, instead of a flag, picture of foods will do!:)

Ah, my sister’s friends visited her/us to break the fasting together. Very nice:)


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