MUJI Shoes

Warning: This is not MUJI shoes review, it’s only my story:)

Here the story goes about My MUJI Shoes:)

One day I asked my good friend to stroll  around shopping malls hehe…so typical Jakartan people :p

We went to Plaza Indonesia and got the chance to stop by at MUJI store. What I got in mind about MUJI stuff, they are pretty cute. And I ended up looking at their shoes. Cute. There were some that I fancied. The price quite varies.

I checked it with my Japanese friend, to let me know if he buys MUJI and what about the quality and the price.

The second visit was on my birthday. I didn’t want to spend my birthday on my own (well, yeah, finally my colleagues found out about my birthday, and friends and relatives sent messages and greetings on facebook), so I asked the same friend to accompany me to have dinner. Of course my treat:)

Me: Yeah, we are eating out! We are approaching MUJI!hahaha – that was what I said to my friend.

The third time. Another evening. I wanted to go home early. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it. My sister told me the traffic was very bad. I preferred to stay at the mall and stroll around (again and again) *sigh. And I thought, okay, then it was the time! Here I come!:))

The shoes I fancied didn’t fit me. I chose another one. In fact, I fancy these too!:)

My size is 25, but it depends on the shoes. These fit me okay.

I like the idea of stuff without brand label.

Thanks to Hiro for the response. Unfortunately I wasn’t looking for either Cotton Canvas Deck Moccasin shoes or Muji Rain Short Boots:) – This is his comment after I bought the shoes:

“It seems you looked carefully what you are buying at shopping.
I’m also a person taking time for shopping.
Please show me your new shoes.”

So I put the pictures on my blog for you:)

And thanks as well to Mirda (my other Hero) hehe…


4 thoughts on “MUJI Shoes

  1. Untuk sepatu gue memang rada ribet kali ya… Mikirin tahan lama atau nggak, modelnya keren/lucu atau nggak, mahal atau nggak *ujung-ujungnya harga juga hehehe…pualing mangkel kalo harganya mahal kualitas rendah grrrr…

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