Turning Thirty

Are you turning thirty?
I just want to console you. Thirty is only number.
Don’t you worry by the thing:))
Did I ever experience it?

Well… I found this picture of mine:

You can see the cupcakes and 3 candles.
Hmm…it can mean anything:P
I heard many people are pretty worried when they get thirty.
Are you?
No need. As I said earlier. Thirty is only number:)
If Arman can say Life begins at 30, why can’t you?:)


2 thoughts on “Turning Thirty

  1. yup betul itu…. no worries… a new life will begin at 30… and also 40, 50, etc. 🙂

    *walaupun gua masih juga belajar untuk menenangkan diri sendiri karena gua sebenernya takut jadi tua. hahaha*

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