To Age or Not To Age

Getting old – it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it by Marian Keyes.

This time I will just do a little flashback. I can’t really remember about celebrating my birthday when I was a kid – I am talking about having a party here. Maybe I did, but for sure it wasn’t that often. I wasn’t a child who was really sad if I didn’t have a birthday party, that is what I remember of my childhood.

At university, since my birthday came always during the holidays, so I didn’t bother to think about a party, well, I am not a party person, to be honest. And I was used to people not greeting or congratulating me. No problemt at all.

When abroad, still birthday wasn’t something big for me. Surely it was a nice surprise when people remembered it. Birthday in 2004 was very cute, when some people in my working place (I came there only for a month summer work) remembered it and decided to have a little tiny party. The Czech girls made the cake, the German guy headbanging while singing a birthday song. Blessed.

Birthday of 2005. I smiled in front of computer when reading my friends greeted me and wished me very nice things over emails. Another blessings.

2007 and 2008, got summer birthday cards. Cute.

2009 nothing special.

2010. See the title? That was what crossed my mind when thinking what title to give to this writing. In fact, when I googled, I came across a film with title To Age or Not To Age by Robert Kane Pappas opening on July 16 in New York City. Check it out

Yeah, my point is. It’s not about how you age. It’s about how you feel. I don’t take age seriously anymore now. I mean, people don’t believe how old I am, it’s only how young I can look:)

So, to age or not to age? It’s up to you.

Happy Birthday, Me!:p


8 thoughts on “To Age or Not To Age

  1. Herzlichen wunsch zum Geburtag Nelda….. 🙂
    fifty years from now…you gonna feel silly if you thing NOW is OLD!!!
    just enjoy the ride and let life bring what it offer to us..*it’s a mantra that I repeated my self too*
    Euis …..:D

  2. Padahal lo udah critain tulisan ini. Tapi pas baca sendiri, kok malah terharu yah (ekspresi yang aneh, ckckckck…).sing penting hepi yo.ages just numbers ^^

  3. better late than never deh ” selamat ultah ya…..” semoga 2010 ini jadi beda and lebih baik ( kan dapat teman baru satu lagi….ya aku.. he…he…)

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