My Weekend

Sorry I am not feeding you with any story from abroad or any suggestion related to travelling abroad, visa or anything in this post. I want to tell you about my weekend in Jakarta!:p

Friday night. I was off from work at 5 (Yahoo! Although the normal working hours only until 2pm:). I went to meet up a friend of mine in a mall (yeah, typical Jakartans to hang out in mall, well, yeah I am Jakartan too:p)

After Maghrib prayer, we started our journey to go around the malls (it was 2 malls connected each other by so-called bridge, since they are still under the same group) to check out the stuff the mall has got to offer. What a cool thing to do for girls. It’s so true! Window shopping is always fun. We checked out shoes, clothes, mostly those. I found some shoes that I fancied. Who knows, when the pay day comes, I could start to collect them one by one ahahaha dreaming is still free:p

Click here –> and here for the malls that we visited last night. They might be your regular shopping malls too:)

After a while we started to get hungry. Food time! We chose junk food (sorry for our stomach) that was good for our pocket (we always care for you, dear pockets:)

And surprise, at 8pm they had live music! Not bad, not bad. Window-shopping, junk food, buy 2 get one free sundae (I ate 2 of them! ha!), live music without cover charge and happiness at the end:)

Not to forget to mention, on the way home, I took the bus heading to Lippo Cikarang (the destination’s much further than my home, so I just travelled half way), I had to pay more (it’s okay, better than to be squeezed on other bus, oh nooo…), and they played video Dangdut from Karang Anyar – Rembang! I sat on the front and the TV was exactly in front of me. Oh well, it was fun:)

Now about today.
In Indonesian:)
Siang-siang pergi ke Oriflame untuk belanja dengan adik saya. Sempat ketemu teman SMA yang sudah jadi Gold Director, hebat deeeeh…:)
Setelah itu, menurut rekomendasi dari teman adik saya, ada asinan betawi di daerah Jalan Kamboja dekat RS Persahabatan yang mesti dicoba, kalau kebetulan lagi di Rawamangun.

Penasaran dong. Nanya mas-mas yang lagi unloadingbarang-barang Oriflame tentang gimana caranya ke Jalan Kamboja. Ternyata naik Mikrolet 21. Kebetulan supirnya ngerti dimana mesti turunnya. Begitu turun di depan RS Persahabatan, mesti nyebrang jalan, dan nyebrang kali kecil gitu. Jalan terus, eh ngeliat ada ibu-ibu bawa sekantong plastik asinan. Hmmm, kayaknya bener nih. Sempat tanya orang, ditunjukkan jalan. Begitu belok dan jalan terus, mulailah terlihat orang ngantri untuk take away alias bawa pulang. Karena saya dan adik saya mau makan disitu, kami langsung ambil tempat.

Yah kurang lebih begini tampak asinannya

yang udah setengah jalan dimakan:))

Harganya? Rp. 9000 aja. Enak? Iyaaaa:)


2 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. eh ini kan Asinan yg sering diomongin mareta,
    btw mba Nelda apa kbr?? heee…aku sering loh baca bolg nya. tp br sempet comment di page asinan ini.

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