Boat Trip

Last time I was in Ullapool, Scotland, I behaved well, so my friends prized me with a boat trip ^_^

This is the boat  –  Summer Queen

We started to leave Ullapool

Look at the wave

Other excited passengers, I just watched them

It was 3-hour boat trip

I was very excited in the beginning, taking many pictures

Did you notice the group of walrus?

the last pic I took before I got ‘knocked out’,

probably because of the wave and hunger

I could only look at menus on the restaurant ad

stick on the wall

of the downstairs of the boat,

(as usual they are pricey)

while they sold only some small cookies and crisps…:(

I slept all the way back to the pier

Fish and chips the best to catch, ouch…^_^

However, thanks to my friends. It was worth it.

Boat trip in Scotland?

Hell, yes! ^_*


6 thoughts on “Boat Trip

  1. salam kenal Mbak Nelda :D..saya suka dengan tulisan di blog ini terutama bagian travelling ke Rusia dan hidup di Norwegia..karena jarang yang mengulas dua negara tersebut.. Keep Writing ^^

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