Chef Coats

I was once so smitten with Jamie Oliver – either due to his accent or his different style of cooking, God-knows-better-what, it made me at one point thrilled by having a look at men (particularly)  wearing chef coat. Well, now I might be not so thrilled anymore having a look at men with chef coat or aprons, but do still like Jamie Oliver, and am still keen on continuing my appetite journey by either consuming or producing food.

Unfortunately we won’t talk about food nor cooking here.

Chef coats is theme for today instead. The reason why? About 2 weeks ago I went to shopping malls, actually looking for a yellow shirt, but couldn’t find any that suits my taste. I went around Grand Indonesia  and didn’t find any bright yellow shirt that I wanted*sigh… then a few days later went to Ambas, and ended up finding a broken white blazer, if I can say, but later realised that was chef coat style blazer. The second thing I loved that night, and decided to go for it, instead of the first one.

I didn’t feel like showing the whole outfit of mine, so let the chef coat itself showed you what it was supposed to, before it goes to laundry:)

And I started to get excited about this new coat and think it might be a good trend for now (though it’s pretty warm to be in it – not really suitable to be worn if I go out a lot). Then I started to google more about chef coats and stumbled upon

I would like to show you some chef coats pictures I found on that website here:
Here is the common men chef coat
Very cool style of women chef coat
Ah, it’s green! So nice…
I love the women chef coat better to be honest. The men coat looks like common shirt, what do you think?

I know I am not a fashionista.

It’s summer in Europe.

And it’s always warm in the kitchen.

Just wear whatever you like.

And this is what makes my day ^_^


2 thoughts on “Chef Coats

  1. i rarely hit the kitchen.. so how can i possibly think about chef coat 😉 hehe..

    black is the coolest 🙂 i never knew one. i always thought there was only white one

    • the white one is still the most common one, but I think it’s a good idea to have another colour:) *how are you? Long time no see:) Ready to hit the kitchen? –> the same question goes to me:)

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