She’s back

Yes, she is me:)

After nearly the whole 2 weeks of sleep or simply running away from the blog hahaha… Should I blame the work or just myself? I prefer to blame it on myself, who can’t juggle between work and blog:p

Me with not-my-laptop, not in my room, not in my house, but yes, it is me:p

So, after “Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park” last night, I was expecting the busy weekend coming this Saturday and Sunday. A lot of things happening in Jakarta these days. Pameran Produk Kreatif Indonesia (Indonesian Creative Products Exhibition) was the priority. I woke up quite early for Saturday, since I made appointment with a friend to attend one seminar which was part of the exhibition. I thought she was excited. When I text her: “Are you on the way?”. She innocently annoyingly replied: “I woke up late so I am not going hehe”. Forget her. This was my idea. So off I went.

I attended the seminar, not till the end. I decided to find out about one talk show which was supposed to be held on Saturday, about young people who write. The guests were Raditya Dika (A blogger, a writer and he mentioned that he owns publishing company too), Aulia Halimatussadiah (owner of and as well novel writer – haven’t read any of her books, should check it out soon, and the newest is that she is developing an online self publishing,, and Adib Hidayat (Rolling Stone Indonesia’s Chief In Editor).

Did I go straight home afterwards? Of course not…I attended the next talk show, which involved two of British Council International Young Creative Entrepreneur Finalists, Satya Bramantya (Bram) and Didi Diarsa. Those two are designers and own companies and both companies are really concerned in environmental issue. Bram brought some table lamps made by his company, which are made from the wood that were waste of other company, and until the finishing, he used everything that is environmental-friendly, like something that is water-based, non chemical. Both mentioned that being environmental-friendly is not a choice, but it is a MUST *standing ovation

The last talk show I attended was with Ibu Rambe, who manages KJKS BMT Beringharjo in Yogyakarta. Perhaps I should say this is kind of Indonesian Grameen Bank. When she started building this helping institution in 1995, she got fund as much as 1 Million Rupiah, one third of her initial wish that was 3 Million. And now, she said that her company’s turnover reaches 46 Billion Rupiah. And it has helped so many sellers in the traditional market Beringharjo and around 80% of the sellers along Malioboro Street *another standing ovation

And time for a break…


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