Isn’t it annoying?

I like writing. And in 2002, I started to be able (thanks to a book called “HTML in No Time”, that I found in Trondheim library) to build homepage, a simple one, on (no longer exist, unfortunately).

Somebody commented, that I build that homepage just to attract men (what???), so I could promote myself (what???). So discouraging comment…

I still remember when high school, when I did the Year book project, my history teacher, who was also our project mentor, really encouraged me to keep on writing. It’s a cultural activity.

Aaah…maybe I get annoyed easily, and maybe at the moment I am annoyed? hmmm not really, to be honest. I just wanted to write about annoying moments:))

So, this is another moment.

I came for a visit.

Then came a comment: Why don’t you get married???

Not even asked me whether I was in relationship. Well, I was. Not even asked what stage I was in it. Shoo…shoo…

Isn’t it annoying???

And she wasn’t even my mother! Pffiuuuuh…

This is how I might look when I get annoyed:)


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