Before The New Week Begins…

Yes, before the new week begins, I give you the recap of this week. It started at work, sending information/schedule of Football Film Festival, such a short notice, anywhoo…getting excited before the World cup starts…

Feel like watching a live football match in a big stadium, after having seen the film The Conductors, ho-ho-ho…

Having seen the Indonesian football players in full outfit, they just looked different, well, some good, to be honest, ahahaha…a pity not everybody could stand sitting and watching the documentary about football that was played for them. I really appreciate whoever could stay till the end. Unfortunately I couldn’t recognise them all *homework*

Well, life might not be as long as we want it to be. Last night I got news that my friend’s father passed away. The news made me think, and think, and think…was silent on the way home…

And on the way home tonight, I listened to a song in taxi, the song goes like this:
I am a man
that you can count on
Call out my name
and I’ll be there
I am a man
you can be sure of
Baby it’s your love
that takes me there
takes me there…Song For you by Chicago

Simple lyrics, but nice…

Bless the new week!^_^


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