Yesterday I talked to (the only one, I heard) the Indonesian bagpiper, Pak Wisnu!

And here goes the story: A few days ago somebody inquired, what will be shown from UK/Great Britain, if they want to hold a cultural event from different countries. It crossed my mind to mention Scottish bagpipe. Who knows, maybe there is at least one Scot who can play bagpipe lost somewhere here in Jakarta ^_^

By the way, Jakarta Highland Gathering was just over, held last Sunday somewhere in Karawaci, Tangerang. For your information, I actually applied for being a volunteer in that occasion. Someone from Phoenix Communications responded me, and asked for my CV. I did that in March. And nearly 2 months later, still there is no news. So a few days prior to the event, I emailed them again and I thought my CV wasn’t successful. Then they replied with one sentence: “No we would still welcome volunteers to help us out on Sunday”. And no further information. I left it just like that. So, what was the CV for actually???

Anyway. Then I heard from my colleague, that there is actually one bagpiper in Indonesia called Pak Wisnu. Wow, I find it really coool…
He learned how to play bagpipe for one year in Glasgow (oh, how I miss Glasgow). We chatted for a while. He said that he doesn’t train so much now, since he is busy with his work. And before he can perform, it takes time to train himself, and it’s not that easy (I can imagine). He dreams of sharing his skill here in Indonesia (I hope your dream will come true).

I suppose you can’t hear the sound of bagpipe now (unless you got the tape of music with bagpipe ^_^), but I will just give you the pleasure of looking at the pictures of bagpipers. Senior and Junior. The pictures I took when I was in Ullapool, Scotland.

Asking for help. He is so cutee…

Let me fix this, son

Then we can play together ^_^ How nicee…

All pictures taken and owned by Nelda. Please notify me if you want to use any. Thanks


13 thoughts on “Bagpiper

  1. I always want to see the real bagpiper..! Penasaran banget sejak waktu kecil dulu di komik Candy Candy salah satu tokohnya main bagpipe gitu…
    Hehehe salam kenal ya Mbak.. 🙂

    • Salam kenal, Mbak Tanti. Makasih mau mampir:)
      Saya juga nonton Candy-Candy tapi kok nggak dong ya ada bagpipernya hehe.
      It’s okay, oneday you will meet even more than one! ^_*

  2. Waaaaaa………

    I’m sooo glad I stumbled on this page!!
    I’ve been looking for a piper in Indonesia that wouldn’t mind playing in my wedding.. paling tidak waktu kedua mempelai jalan ke atas panggung. Soalnya my fiance is a piper himself and that’s why he’s very keen on having a piper on his wedding day…

    Can you please, please, please contact me?

    Thank you!!!

  3. Ass, Nelda. Someone has told me about your blog. Yep, I fall in love to your “Jilbab Traveler’s Story” on Naked Traveler.
    Saya mualaf dan saya kira saya ‘selamat’ bekerja dengan orang asing karena nama saya yang tidak Islam banget, Until I found your story then. Terima Kasih untuk cerita2mu ya… Saya sekarang berjilbab dan bangga dengan kewajiban saya sebagai muslimah karena kamu. Thanks a lot.
    O ya, saya tertarik soal volunter, bisa bagi2 infonya?

  4. Mbak Nelda,
    Saya juga bagpiper, sebentar akan pulang ke Jakarta. Kalau boleh, minta email addressnya Pak Wisnu (bagpiper yg disebut di atas), saya ingin cari tahu ada kesempatan apa saja untuk pipers di Jakarta…
    Trims ya!

  5. Hi.
    Do you have contact details for Pak Wisnu?
    I’m looking for a bagpiper to play at my wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    Your help would be much appreciated.

    • I contacted the bagpiper Pak Wisnu for the first time and last time last year, 2010. Before this I always sent email to the people above (who commented here) regarding the contact – which was perhaps my mistake without asking permission from the bagpiper himself (I am truly sorry, Pak Wisnu) – but I never got any news from them if they ever got contact with the bagpiper mentioned in this posting, if it worked and so on. So feeling worried of misleading information, I would say that I would not share any information of Pak Wisnu anymore from now on. Thanks very much for your attention. I am sorry if I can’t help much. Cheers, Nelda

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