My flight of June 22 (2008)

Aaaargh tonight…confused dotcom. And as I said to a friend a few days ago, if I got sentimental or probably abit mellow, I would think of…Europe:p – (think of men something cliche lah…:)p

Now I just re-post this. Sorry if it causes you any inconvenience:p

“Finally, my flight of 22 June with Emirates. EK-349 taking off from CGK, Soekarno Hatta International Airport Cengkareng, Indonesia. Flying to Singapore for first transit, seated next to two nice ladies who were on the way to Los Angeles, USA. The flight was fine, the stewardess was also nice, from Indonesia too, I realised it when she said something in Indonesian to me.

From Singapore to Colombo, ho ho lucky me, I had the whole 3 seats for myself therefore I could sleep peacefully for a while, but without forgetting my meal time, something I never intend to skip hehe…since I flew on Sunday, it means I didn’t get the chance of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of Emirates flights which can avoid hideous itinerary with too many transits, so I had second transit in Colombo, Sri Lanka. For one hour only.

Then off we went to Dubai. I thought first I would have another nice time browsing around at the airport. But not this time, I am afraid. I was tired, just went to the prayer room, took a rest there and had something to read, and suddenly time for another taking off. This time the last one, to Glasgow. Seven and a half hours, with many visits to toilet, aaah, another film watching, what did I watch during my flight form Jakarta? Let me check: Juno, unfinished 27 dresses, unfinished Alvin and the chipmunks and unfinished PS I love you. why always unfinished? because I was really tired and always fell asleep inbetween my film, oops sorry…why sorry? I wonder too:) and since I had another whole 3 seats for myself, again! yuhuu…who says summer is the peak time for traveling, if in fact I could still get big space for myself in economy class:) No really complaint for this flight, just I felt I didn’t get as much and big smile from the chinese looking stewardess as what she gave to older westerner probably British passengers, hell yeah, maybe because of my lousy tired look hehe but a big nice smile will cure it, I suppose.

Anyway, landed in Glasgow International Airport. First toilet I visited, no tap water. yeah, no hand washing then, it’s okay, just wipe your hands with the paper and it’s great!:)

Well, just added another thousand miles to my skywards account, I hope it is really worth it for my future journey. Then, picked up by my friend’s mother. As soon as I arrived in Grantown-on-Spey, about 3 hours by car up in the north, I gave myself a good rest, sleeping 10 hours straight, hmm, then I was fine.

Written on June 26, 2008
Ah, now refreshed ^_^


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