Upcoming Journey (2008) <–

I was about to sleep, but I thought of writing something on my blog first;) This is what I wrote prior to my departure to UK in 2008, the last time I went there – Upcoming Journey or just read below:

“Finally this week I got my ticket confirmed. Gosh, it had been stressful experience to check out the prices of tickets in this season, it could get really high! Yes, it’s summer, everybody is travelling! And London is quite favourite destination, I reckon. I am always excited about the city. Well, it’s not my first destination though. I have to go up first to Scotland, that always fascinates me. I take Emirates airlines. I took it last year and was satisfied with the service. I registered the skywards immediately on my way back home! I enjoyed my time watching movies, music and playing games, as it provides you personal TV in each seat. Believe it or not, they had Zemfira songs, she is a singer from Russia. When I visited Russia in 2002, I bought her album and it was really good. Surely it was nostalgic moment when I listened to her songs again. And Dubai airport was unbelievable. The first time I arrived there it was about 5 in the morning, and I looked for prayer room, but people were busy going here and there to shop! Shopping early in the morning hehe…So, I am looking forward to my upcoming journey.”
Written on June 11, 2008

cheerful by the sea at Findhorn, Scotland

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