More about Me

I remember on my other blog, I once wrote “More about me”, you can click here. This is fun! Or easier if I re-write to you now, here it goes:

1. I don’t drink milk. If you find me drinking milk, I might be pregnant or dying.
2. I don’t drink coffee, never tried that, just don’t like it. Save money from Starbucks visit.
3. I don’t drink (alcohol), well, just never feel like trying it, been to the pubs, though.
4. If I am not funny, there is something wrong with me.
5. If I don’t eat, there is something wrong with me.
6. If I scold you, there is something wrong with you!!!
7. I am grateful to have my parents as my parents, they give me so much freedom – well, as long as I don’t bother them financially ^_^
8. Once I didn’t call my parents for 9 months, while abroad, well I emailed my dad regularly though, and still my parents didn’t consider me a sinner – thank God!
9. My mom said that I cried a lot when I was a kid, such a difficult kid! And I’m abit worried that any of my children would be like little me.
10. I used to be thrilled by looking at men with chef uniform.
11. I think one of the luckiest women on earth is Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools.
12. I don’t like lipstick. — have started with lipbalm;)
13. I don’t like to put on make-up. — hmmm, will it change soon???
14. I find Russian women beautiful and well-dressed.
15. I’ve been wearing headscarf since 8 September 1997.
16. One of my friends told me he was surprised to find out that I was a Muslim, after we met. He said I didn’t behave like one (what???)
17. Once I asked another friend to sing his national anthem on the phone, and he did. When he asked me to sing mine, I couldn’t stop laughing.
18. I loved dentists. I visited then often since I was in kindergarten.
I don’t like hospitals. I was hospitalised when I was small and my parents told me they thought I nearly died.
19. When on plane, I like the feeling of landing and taking-off.
20. Magical moment: when I saw people skiing in front of my house. Praise to Norway!
21. I had once bike accident in Wales – I biked too fast. And my guardian angel was my Brazilian friend Adriana.
22. I prefer to speak English with Malaysians.
23. I don’t have many love stories to share, but many of my friends like to share their love stories with me and ask me for suggestions…hmmm
24. My mistake is that so far I have fallen in love with something, not someone. — will that love fade away?
25. But it is the mistake that I never regret…

written on January 28, 2009 – some additional comments made today, May 20, 2010

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