While googling this afternoon, I stumbled upon one article by Eli Gerzon, a writer, traveller, and worldschooler, and later on I found his website. Worldschooler! I like it! ^_^

This is what I quoted from one of his articles:
“Travelling taught me a lot of about myself and even showed me, to my satisfaction, what I’m meant to do right now which turns out to be more travel! But I think travel can help almost anybody understand themselves and the world better, whether they go on one of my trips, someone else’s trips, or travel on their own. As far as I can tell, the world itself is the best school there is.”

And still from his website
How to Travel Cheaply


5 thoughts on “Worldschooler

  1. halo ka, thanks for share quote di atas ya 😀 saya ngerasain betul apa yg dibilang disitu soalnya..

    salam kenal, ‘nyasar’ disini karena artikel di blognya mbak trinity~

      • iya betul bgt ka, saya panggilnya ka nelda aja boleh? ^_^

        sebetulnya tergantung cara kita ngeliatnya aja sih, kadang nyasar bisa jadi kesempatan membuka ‘pintu2’ yang ga pernah keliatan sm kita…

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