Are you depressed? Me not:)

Depression, mild depression, severe depression.
Breakdown, nervous breakdown.
Anti-depressant, Prozac.
Psychiatrist. Panic attacks. Mental, suicidal.

Gosh I can’t believe I am familiar with those terms.
One time I thought I was depressed. But somebody told me that depression should be proved by medical statement, as at that time I didn’t even bother to check it to the medical doctor, so it just went away.

Another time, I felt the urge to see the psychiatrist! But then I found out that it cost me 60 quid per hour. I couldn’t afford it. I survived though.

Brokenhearted? Need Prozac?
I was once online with somebody who happened to use Prozac, and he told me: it made him feel like shit. Gosh, thanks for the info, dude:)

Sadly, a few days ago I found out that my best friend got panic attacks that occurs because of longtime depression. Take it easy, friend! You made me believe that the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed” is actually true!


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