Conversation (Cakap-cakap lah:)

Regarding my experience in Wales:
My friend (MF): very bad…really baad? in Wales..boleh tahu lebih (May I know more)?
Me: boleh (yes). basically it was mismanagement. for me it was very bad already. physically and emotionally. luckily Alhamdulillah memang dikasih kuat mungkin ya (thank God, luckily I was strong enough).
tidak sempat sakit atau sampai masuk rumah sakit (I wasn’t ill or hospitalised because of that)
MF: yes..sure you strong..kalo saya (if me)..cannot imagine having 6 pound in an alien environment
Me: oh, yang itu. iya, tiket bis ke Scotland saya minta tolong sama teman. orang filipina, untung mau tolong saya (I asked my Filipina friend to buy me the bus ticket to Scotland)
MF: you should write a book lah
Me: iya, mesti tulis buku yah, hehe, my french housemother juga suggested me. she left the place in wales about 1 or 2 weeks earlier than me
MF: travel sudah “in fashion” sekarang (nowadays travel is in fashion)
people born in 90s onwards are more open to see the world…thanks to internet

Regarding my article “Achievement”

MF: I like your other article..about achievement
Me: that one, yes. thanks. itu dari percakapan dengan seorang teman (that was based on a conversation with a friend)
MF: what make u decide to take language as your uni major?
Me: because I wanted to learn more foreign language
MF: and never to make a career out of it..?
Me: the language? I never worked with my skill in German. unfortunately

Now about Pop Culture:

MF: i think you are also victim of pop culture lah…I saw your entry ..always watching movies from Euro
Me: do you think I am a victim? but that is my interest:)
MF: maybe it is a phase ..i also once did not care for local movies..but now i am more balance lah
Me: I watch Indonesian movies too, but not often. but I like film festival. they have different kind of films. I have been attending film festival since I was a student
MF: then maybe you should take up pop culture major or similar
Me: once it was my interest too
MF: then it completes the language and you will go places lah
Me: I should write and read more
MF: Its difficult in my country to be somebody in pop culture..its not “mainstream” and parents dont always understand..for them uni must be insured with good career after grad..
Me: really? interesting. my parents are ‘pasrah’ lah with what I do:) (my parents just accepted whatever I do)

Based on my conversation with a friend tonight, May 2nd, 2010. It was nice, thanks:)


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