(A writing from 2005)This month, August, I have become 27 years old. I can’t believe how quick time is passing. I used to make a joke that I always feel like 17. Gosh, that was 10 years ago! At this age, I’m not a high-school girl anymore (of course), and I’m neither a woman with a career nor a married woman. Am I missing out something? Possibly. But it doesn’t make you not live your life, does it?

I met my Nepalese friend again this summer in Scotland. The one I used to work with in winter in Glasgow and Edinburgh. She told me how desperately she was wanting to settle down, meaning to get married, have kids, and stay at home, instead of going back and forth Nepal-UK, which she’s been doing for the last 3 years. Getting married is an achievement, she said. She is absolutely right, I suppose. No wonder many of my peers, even the younger ones, have got around to it. Many of them have done it since years ago, others just recently. Well, if I haven’t got yet the chance to do it now, there are still many achievements I could get, I suppose? Meanwhile, before I could get around to it?

After I graduated from university in 2001, I’ve been doing voluntary work ever since, in my country and abroad. I might not be the right person to ask about the real job. My experience nearly zero, though I got my ears and eyes. In abroad I’ve been becoming a volunteer to work with people with learning disability. People were wondering, how patient I could be. Well, I will say, it is kind of work, which is testing your patience. Not everybody could do that. But like any other work, it has nice side and hard side. It could be really hard, and it could be really satisfying. I learn from what I’ve been doing. I don’t earn money and learn how to survive by living on the budget, which I sometimes fail. I just have to get up and try again.

Life is like wheel, one time you are up, another time you are down. Surely I’ve got lots of things to achieve in life and for that I need to give up some other things. Life is decision, but just live your life. What’s your achievement?

London, 10 August 2005

Am I looking at the right direction?


3 thoughts on “Achievement

  1. So, after 5 long years, that friend of mine mentioned in this writing, is finally married! I found out this week. So happy, I really felt like screaming and congratulating her! But…bad internet connection and no phone numbers!:(

  2. Ass…..
    and… what about you, Nel ? Do you live your life happily with no regrets…?
    Nice blog and I really enjoy the stories…

  3. Thanks for coming here:)
    I do live my life, well…with some regrets, but hey, life goes on…:)

    *btw, the first word…should be Assalamu’alaikum, yes? Not those 3 alphabets please hehehe…

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