New Taiwan Postcard

Thanks to my “Hero’ Japanese friend, Hiro, to have sent this postcard to me and it arrived just today! Arigato gozai masuta… ^_^ Thank you…
Yes, it is a postcard from Taiwan, indeed. It is Taiwan 101 building! I thought I hadn’t had any postcard from Taiwan yet, so when I knew that he was in Taiwan, I asked him right away:) While it was on the way, Hiro kept wondering, if it had arrived or not. Well, it took a while, more than 2 weeks to reach my home, unfortunately. But, it finally arrived!

When I got home, I saw it and thought immediately, I was going to post it on my blog. It’s been a while I didn’t add anything to my postcard collection, so today it has been added! Well done, Hiro!:)

Taipei would be good place for next travel destination, I suppose. It’s just an idea yet. I don’t know when I will be able to realise it. Just keep on dreaming ^_^

A little note: I just remember a while ago, December 2009 to be exact. I started to see a drama on DAAI TV here, I don’t know exactly what it was called in Chinese language, but in Indonesian they called it “Seberkas Cahaya”. Amazingly, I didn’t miss any episode of it. It was about one Hongkong-born doctor who happened to work in Taiwan, in Tzu Chi hospital, then placed in rural place somewhere in Taiwan called Guanshan (correct me if I’m wrong in writing any names). Doctor Pan, the name, was a very dedicated doctor. He could stay awake for many hours to do surgery, and it was hard sometimes for the wife, but she supported him anyhow. Very good drama with many lessons in life.


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