Fly with FinnAir

Coming back to Norway from journey to Russia made me become the poorest person in Norway. I remember when I was in Gardermoen Airport in Oslo, what I could buy was just an apple and one boller(bun) – that was 18 NOK and I had 2 NOK left – while I waited for the train to Trondheim. And the train takes about 7 hours! And I also made complaint to Finnair. Since I took it from Moscow to Oslo, they had so less food to serve(only small kind of sandwich or croissant or something like that, with one candy!), it made me feel still hungry. Anyway, I quote what they have written to me, after my complaint:

“Thank you for your letter.I am sorry to read that our service on board Finnair flight from Moscow to Oslo via Helsinki 21.8.2002 did not meet all your expectations. Please accept our apology for you having an unpleasant experience concerning the meal service. I can imagine how frustrating the situation must have been when one does not get a meal big enough. Your comments have been passed on to the responsible persons and we hope that your next trip will be enjoyable.Please travel with us again.

Yours sincerely
Minna Heikinheimo
Finnair Oyj Customer relations”

Anyway, apart from the food, the service was just fine. I am not trying to make free promotion here:) And I had fun as well to have small talk to a guy in passport control, when he asked me why I work in Norway, it sounds something like why the hell Norway? Do you think Norway is nicer than Finland? haha…next time I come to Finland then;)

(Norway 2002)


2 thoughts on “Fly with FinnAir

    • Sejak itu belum pernah pakai FinnAir lagi, jadi belum tau perkembangan selanjutnya, apakah mereka masih pelit ngasih makanannya hehe… waktu itu pilih Finnair karena itu pilihan termurah kedua (yang pertama sudah fuuuulll). Andaikan mereka kasih tiket gretong untuk penerbangan kemana kek…mungkin bisa cerita lebih jauh bagaimana kualitas mereka. Jadi, untuk saat ini, my favourite is Emirates!:)

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